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10 top grossing Android games of all time and their income report

In present world mobile is our best friend, this small device have a lot of applications like games, social apps, news applications and many more. Whenever we are feeling boredom automatically our fingers will search for games. In this article I am giving the top and best 10 android games of all time, which you will definitely love to play.


10 top grossing Android games of all time and their income report

Pokemon Go:
Accept it or not? Pokemon Go is such a massive hit in 2016, almost everyone installed this game in their device. GPS is mandatory to play this game, if you really want roam all around while playing, Pokemon Go is best option. we should accept the fact, that the popularity of this game is bit low now, but still it is in a solid position.



Asphalt 8:
Are you a racing lover?
This game will surely give you a pleasure, you can find some best tracks, best cars, and the environment of the game is just awesome.
This game will give best gaming experience for sure. Many people are eagerly waiting for the next game of Asphalt, I am one among them.

Smash Hit:
Wow. What a graphics!
The game is about throwing the balls on the obstacles, and to move forward. This will give you a very good gaming experience with very good perspective view.

Sky force reloaded:
Sky force reloaded is the latest game from Sky force franchise, defeating bad guys is the main theme in this game, we can shoot, we can use turbo boosters, but at the end we just won against our competitors.
For people who really like sky force games, this game won’t make you disappoint you.


Clash of clans:
This game is the latest outcome from Super cell, this is also called as Clash Royale. In this game we can gather many cards, develop our own decks and we can lead our clan towards victory.
Are you looking to play a game with your entire friends?
This game is for you, in this game we can make our own clan and fight against other clans.
Cut the rope magic:
This is for the people who like to play puzzle games, our target is to feed Om Nom with the given candy. There are many interesting levels and eye catchy transformations are blended in this game.


Killing zombies is the main theme in this game; there are almost 300 levels in his game with more than 50 different weapons. Even though the graphics in this game are really good, it is not as popular as remaining games.

Temple Run 2:
I am very sure, that everyone among here may at least played this game once.
The gaming experience is really good in this game; this game really bought a change in the gaming world. The transformations are really good and we should try almost all transformations at least for once.

Subway Surfers:
Escaping from the cop is the theme of this game, believe me it is full of fun.
There are many levels in this game, for each level our coin multiplier will be increased by one. By collecting as many as coins we can buy accessories to our character.
Critical ops:
Saving our city from the terrorists is our main aim; there are many urban oriented levels in this game.
It is a multiplayer game, so we can make a team and can start a fight against terrorists.
Above in my article I mentioned the top and best 10 android games till date, if you have any queries drop your doubt in the comment box provided below. We will come back to you for sure.

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