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Top 10 tips to write an awesome thank you letter/email after an interview

Everyone have a common question in our mind, “How to write a thank you email/letter after an interview?”

After attending an interview it is always better to write a thank you email/letter to the particular HR manage or to the respected people. Generally we will send a thank you email unless the manager is expecting a hand written letter.

In this article I am giving the most valuable tips to write a thank you email/letter after an interview, which will definitely clear your doubts.

Top 10 tips to write a thank you email/letter after an interview

Open with a proper salutation:

First impression is the best impression; email/letter is also not exceptional to that.

“Respected Sir/Mam”, “Dear Sir/Mam” are salutations which we use in general professional practice.

If you mentioned “To my lovely Sir/Mam” , Just imagine how funny it is?


Avoid grammatical mistakes:

Grammatical mistakes are stones in the path. It will really kill the essence of the content.

Make your email/letter free of grammatical mistakes.

Don’t use tough vocabulary:

Using a good vocabulary is always add magic to your writings but you should not make it too complicated.

Complicated vocabulary may divert attention of readers, which is not a good sign to us.

Make it simple and straight:

Will you read a 100 pages letter?

Any busy bee likes a simple and straight message. Our letter/email should be on target with minimum words.


Proper addressing:

Addressing in a letter/email is really important, how properly you are addressing really matters a lot.

Be professional:

Always avoid unprofessional wording or quotes in your email/letter. Single such words will definitely blow the fuse of the manger. Which will leaves a bitter result.

Express your gratitude sincerely:

Be sincere in your deeds.

If your are sincerely expressing your gratitude in your email/letter, it will definitely make the reader‘s heart warm.

Thanks for one last time:

Before closing the letter, for the last time express your sincere thanks to the mangers for giving such a wonderful offer.


Close the email/letter:

Close the letter with appropriate wording. Some will use regards, warm regards etc. Don’t forgot to mention your name below, if it is a letter signature is mandatory.

I hope my article will definitely help you while writing a thank you email/letter after an interview. If you really like my article, share this info with you friends.


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