Top 10 killer tips to swim faster and longer

Swimming is a not only a good exercise, it will keep your mind and soul relaxed.

Are you wanted to be a shark in the pool?

we are here to mold your dreams in to reality.

In this article I am giving you the top and best tips to swim faster and longer. Hope you guys will enjoy it.


Top 10 killer tips to swim faster and longer

Feed your muscle:

Swimming need a lot of muscle power, if you want a lighting speed in the pool, you should develop your muscle. There are many muscle feeders are available in the market but always natural muscle developers are better choice.

Avoid Injuries:

Injury free career is really challenging task to any athlete. Injuries are quiet common in any sport, and in swimming there are more chances to go through injuries.


Proper Diet:

Swimming burns a lot of calories, if we don’t take a proper intake, it will affect your movement in the pool.

8 hours Sleep:

A good sleep gives you a pleasant mind, which is very important to develop our swimming pace. 8 hours sleep will really make your day pleasant.


Proper training:

“Training makes you perfect”.

A perfect training under an experienced coach will always make you close to your goal, so never compromise with your training environment.


Self-motivation is the sharpest weapon in this world

Always be motivated, if you can motivate yourself in odd times, success is at your foot.

Bilateral breath:

Bilateral breaking is one of the key tips to swim faster and longer, for a fresh swimmer it may be a challenge to adopt this kind of breathing technique but with the proper practice you can definitely master this art.

Deep breath:

Deep breath will offer more oxygen to your muscle which will generate a lot of power from your muscle. Initially you may lose your energy quickly but by practicing you will be a shark in the pool.

Vigorous practice:

Vigorous practice will give you a lot of self confidence. It will make us fit for any kind of situations. Never miss practice at any cost, if you miss a practice session, it will affect your speed on the next day.

Compete with yourself:

Always compete with yourself.

If you are competing with yourself, it will give the best feedback. It will clearly spot your mistakes and give a chance to overcome your drawbacks.

If you really following the above mentioned tips, definitely you will become a lightening speed swimmer in the pool.




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