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101 Rainy Day Activities that every one gonna love for sure


Most of us felt rainy day is an obstacle to our daily life, have you ever thought about the activities to perform especially on a rainy day?

In this article we are giving you the best and awesome activities that one must do on a rainy day

10 lovely activities that every Love bird must do on a rainy day:

Long drive:

Lonely road, fine drizzle, hands on bike, tight hug from your sweet heart.

Can anyone imagine anything more romantic than this?

Every love bird will waits to taste that moment, at least for once.

Hot Coffee in a Cold breeze:

This will definitely take you to another level.

Walk on a beach:

A long walk on the shore will really make your day.

Spicy street food:

Street food tastes the best on a rainy day.

Visit a pool:

It may sound weird, but swimming on a rainy day is really an awesome thing.

10 best activities for kids do on a rainy day

Video games:

Want to play soccer on roads?

sorry kids, it may not possible now, but we are blesses with the best video games.

Start your game and score a GoaL…

Glowing balloons:

Glowing balloons are the best


Bring out your singing skills, drawing skills etc.

10 best activities for emplyoyees do on a rainy day

Hang out with friends

Plan a hangout with friends, this will really de-stress your mind and soul.


Are you feeling boredom with the rain, cooking is the best option.

It’s time to show your cooking skills.


Clean your DVD rack, search for your favorite movie, enjoy with your family.

Rock and Roll:

Move your step as per beat, best time to relax your mind and body on a rainy day.

Spend time with family:

In our busy schedule, it is very difficult to spend our time with family. Let’s spend some best time with your family.

Indoor exercise:

Never miss your exercise schedule. on a rainy day it may not possible to visit a gym, so you continue your schedule in your home itself.


Mediation is a very good activity to do on a rainy day, in normal days, we won’t find time to do all these, but in rainy day we can have a pleasant meditation session.

Playing with kids

Due to our busy life we are not spending time with our kids, rainy day is the best time to spend time with kids.

Cleaning our room:

In our room clothes, books, eatables etc . Are spread over everywhere, we won’t arrange our things properly due to busy schedule. Rainy day is the best time to arrange your things in a proper place.

Give a call to your old friend:

Our school friends are always the best, they knew our in and out. Five minutes hangout with them is really special.

10 beautiful activities that every girl must do on a rainy day

Beauty care:

its time to look in to try home made beauty tips. Right from nail paint to hair style, try all possible styles.

Never forgot to click a selfie..

Listen to best beats:

Listening to your favorite beats on a rainy day is next to heaven.


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