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Top 10 practical tips about cleaning appliances at home with pictures

Can we imagine our daily life without refrigerator, washing machine, Micro Owen, television etc. ?

I know your answer is big “NO”.

These appliances are really making our life easier.

But are we really cleaning them properly?

If we are properly cleaning our appliances, that may leave a serious results on our health. In this article I am giving you the top 10 practical tips about cleaning appliances with pictures, which will keeps you

Top 10 practical tips about cleaning appliances with pictures

Front load Washing machine:

The first thing to look in a washing is the detergent loading box, never leave the traces of detergent in the loading box, as the time goes on it will leave a bad odor to the clothes.

Odors free Refrigerator:


We will preserve different kinds of food in the refrigerator, which results in odors in the fridge.

Here is a magic trick I am sharing with you to avoid refrigerator odors, clean your refrigerator with Baking soda at least once in 15 days, I am very sure it will end your problem.

Cleaning a Dish washer:

The primary tips is, always run hot water through your dishwasher, it will removes the odour of the dish washer. Never over load the dishwasher, overloading kills it’s service.

Television screen:


If you are not maintaining your television screens clean and clear, then we won’t find difference between a costly TV and a normal television. Here are the simple tips to keep your TV dust free.

Clean with a white paper gentle and look at the change immediately.

Use Collin and wipe with a soft cotton cloth, this will show you the magic.

These are very useful tips in cleaning your TV screen.

Stove top:


Stove is an appliance which we use regularly, after every usage the stove top will left with oil stains etc. to remove these spill messes and sticky stains ”car wax” is the best practical solution. Apply some car wax on these stains and clean it after 10 minutes. Believe me it will give a new look to your stove top.

Stove burner:

If any spillage in our cooking causes stains on stove burner, it may sometime block the pores in the burners. Use a soft brush and any rinsing agent like soap water and clear the pores of the burners, this tip will help you a lot.

Micro Owen:

Cleaning a Micro Owen is an art.

The simple way to clean the Micro Owen is fill it with water and then boil it till its boiling point. Now turn of the Micro Owen and run the water out, now slowly wipe the walls with a soft cloth. This tip will give your Micro Owen a brand new look.


Air conditioner:

We will look at Air conditioners only in summers, this will cause the accumulation of dust on the frame and sometimes it may damage the whole system also. So always clean your AC frame at least once in a month.

Room heater:

In a chilling night, room heater is our only saver. We will forgot it after the winter days. By improper cleaning of the heater coil causes the rusting and dust accumulation on it. To avoid this regular maintaining of heating coil is must.

Bread toaster:

Bread toaster serves us delicious bread every day, to clean this bread toaster slowly shake it on the sink, which will make sure that your toaster is food free. Now slowly rinse the bread toaster with cleaning agent and run water on this. This is a good tip to keep your toaster clean.


We hope our article Top 10 practical tips about cleaning appliances with pictures, helps you a lot in cleaning your appliances easily. If you have any queries comment us below.




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