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Top 10 tips on how to overcome anxiety & panic attacks

Sweating Palms, shivering hands, these are the two most common symptoms which we can observe in person either in anxiety or panic conditions.
Every one of us might have faced this situation at least once in our life time.
I am here to pull you out of such situations with my useful article, in this article I am giving you the top 10 tips to overcome anxiety and panic attacks.


Top 10 tips to overcome anxiety and panic attacks

1.The golden rule- count down the numbers.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Magic number when we are in anxiety or in panic situations.

Slowly count down these numbers from top to down. This will definitely pull you out of the panic conditions.

2.Volume up:

Music is the best weapon to keep our mind relaxed. Whenever you are panic or too anxious try to divert your mind from that situation by listen to your favorite song. This we leave you a good result.

3. Read a paper.

To divert mind from that panic situation, read a paper for 30 seconds. So your concentration will shift from that situation to the paper.

4. Give you a call to your best friend:

Friends knew us in and out. Friends are the best medicines to manage our anxiety levels with the magical words.


5. Take deep breaths:

Take two to three long deep breaths slowly, by inhaling slowly it will automatically increase the oxygen levels in the blood. Which will help us in stress relieving.

6. Avoid alcohol and smoking:

Excessive consumption of alcohol will bring imbalance in the body hormones, Hormone imbalance is the major cause for anxiety.

7. Sound sleep:

Sound sleep will always keep you fresh and energetic. If are sleeping for 8 hours daily, you can avoid 99% of psychological disorders.


8. Enjoy Humor:

“The laughter is the relief, the topic and surcease for pain”.

A good laugh is will make your mind free. Trust my words, if you are laughing every day for 10 minutes, 90% of health issues will run away from you.

9. Meditation:

If you can meditate for 15 minutes a day, no stress or anxiety will reach you. Meditation keeps our body and soul fresh and health. This is a one of the most followed tip to overcome anxiety and panic attacks.

10. Diet control:

Always try to add a lot of fruits in your diet. Fruits are rich in anti-oxidants which will really keep our hormones in balance.

Fresh leafy vegetables and milk will help you to overcome anxiety and panic attacks.

These are top 10 tips on how to overcome anxiety & panic attacks. Drop your suggestions and queries in the below provided comment box, we will clarify your doubts with quick pace.



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