10 Simple Tips to use Microsoft Excel 2010 for Beginners

Ms-Excel is the most widely used spread sheet program. We can store and retrieve the numerical data in grid format from excel.

Excel is a very useful tool in managing the data. It spread its wings on almost every field, now a days it is almost mandatory to learn ms-excel for every one. If you are looking for the 10 simple tips to use Microsoft excel 2010, then you are at the right place. In this article I am giving you the simple tips to use Ms-Excel.


10 simple tips to use Microsoft excel 2010 for beginners


Managing data is the only application of Ms-Excel?

No. managing, representing, re producing, manipulating etc. are the different applications of excel. So first know the different applications of Ms-excel. which really help you in effective use of this tool.

Short cuts:


Right from summation to insertion of table, everything has its own short, these short cuts makes your life easier in Ms-Excel.

First make a list of short cuts and practice them every time, you will become a professional in a very short time.


Practice is really needed in Ms-Excel. There are many short cuts, tools, buttons etc. to use in the Ms-Excel, only solution to remember all these things is the regular practice.


All the tools in the Ms-Excel are not useful to us, we have a choice to customize according to our usage. This will really saves a lot of time.


Use of different tools:

There are many useful tools in Ms-Excel, make a note on each and every use of tool which will improve your

Formulas and syntax:

For every formula, there is a proper syntax. We should follow the syntax properly, otherwise our whole life is not enough to clear the errors in our excel spread sheet.

Basics should be strong:

Be clear with basic concepts like, selecting the rows and column, freezing a cell etc. If you are very thorough with these concepts, you can learn excel very easily.

 Refer the notes:

“Hand written notes is our Bible”.

Maintaining a proper hand written notes really helps you a lot. Whenever we have any doubt, we can clarify it by jus revising our notes.

Solving more examples:

Solve as many as possible examples, this will give you a clear idea on our weak points. If we know our weak points we can work hard to overcome it.

If you are solving more examples it will enhance your pace of solving the problem.

In the above mentioned article we have mentioned 10 simple tips to use Microsoft excel 2010 for beginners.

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