11 Ultimate Tips and Ideas to makeup Hazel Eyes like a Beauty Queen

People with Hazel eyes are really blessed.  even if there are in thousand people, they can be recognized easily by there eye color, this is really add beauty to their face. This is really unique in the world of color eyes, in fact this is not a single color this is the combination of beautiful colors.

we are helping you to make your eyes most beautiful by giving you the best and ultimate tips to make up your hazel eyes.

Ultimate tips and ideas to makeup hazel eyes

  1. Add an eye shadow

Try different eyes shadows like purple, blue and baby pink etc. and select the best matching eye-shadow to your beautiful hazel eyes and make it more beautiful.

  1. Choose appropriate eyeliner

Eye liners is really effective in making your eyes more attractive. Always choose a branded eye liner and importantly never go by a ordinary eye liner, this may lead to eye infection.

  1. Go by a matching lip tone

Eyes and lips are the two attractive parts in a woman face, if you select a matching lip stick to your hazel eyes, you will looks more beautiful. Try different lip colors like baby pink, coral blue, mauve and other colors, selective the best suitable one.

  1. Gold will always add beauty

Try gold color on your hazel eyes, this will really bring more beauty to your hazel eyes. If you want combination colors select the contrast color to your hazel eyes and go by that. It will enhance your eye beauty.

  1. Never miss your eye lashes

If you are having a long eye lashes with hazel eyes, you will be the queen in your group. Never forgot to keep your eyelashes, which are key in enhancing your eye’s beauty.

  1. Eyes brows

Thick and dense eyebrows will make your eyes more and more beautiful. If your eyebrows are dull just add some color to your eye brows, it will bring additional beauty to your face.

  1. Avoid heavy blue

Most of the people will use heavy blue while makeup the hazel eyes. Sometimes too much blue will bring odd look to your beautiful eyes and may end up with messing of colors. So always try to use blue in limit.

  1. Brown shades are beautiful

Light shades of brown on your hazel eyes will bring beautiful look to your eyes. The shades of the brown looks classical and I am very sure, you will be the center of attraction in that party evening.

  1. Have a good sleep

Good sleep will de-stress your eyes and make your eyes wide opened and attractive. This is the one of the important tip that everyone will miss.

  1. Select perfect palette

Always choose perfect pallete and go by rich colors like brown, gold, green etc., don’t forgot that, your palette color reflects your attitude.

  1. Makeup remover

After makeup your hazel eyes, remove your makeup properly. If any traces of your makeup remain on your eyes, it may leads to eye infections.

These are the best awesome tips to make up your hazel eyes, if you followed the above mentioned tips, you will be in the lime light on your party day.



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