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5 simple ways to learn & play piano like an expert

Everyone has a wish to establish themselves unique in their batch, even i am one among them.To present our selves unique we will follow many ways, some people will do photography, some people will go with peotry etc., but from my point of view, playing a musical instrument will automatically gathers a lot of attention from everyone.

When you are playing a musical instrument, it won’t give pleasure to yourself, but it will gives a pleasant feeling to everyone around us.Now a days playing a musical instrument has become a very good habit, and many people are showing thier interest in learninig different instruments, some will like playing guitar, some other may like playing flute, some people like us love to play piano. But most of the ameature musicaians don’t know the different possible ways to learn piano like a proffesional, In this article, I am helping you people by giving a bird eye view on 5 simple ways to learn and play piano like an expert.

5 simple ways to learn & play piano like an expert


1. Traditional way-find the best institute

The most traditional way of learning piano is find a best musical institute near to you and take admission in an appropriate course.If you practice it regularly buy without any fail by the end of your course, you will become a professional. Joining in a very good reputed Institute will give a great confidence while playing piano because by watching many students around us, we can easily find the places where we are making mistakes and we can correct ourselves as quick as possible.

Once you end up with your course, your piano is ready to produce heart soothing music.


2. Online paid lectures

In this busy world is it really possible to join in an institute to learn piano?

Yes, this is really a valid question, but here we have a great solution for this problem.

Now a days, we can find everything in online, musical classes is not exceptional from that list.There are some very good websites, which are providing music lectures on different instruments. By paying appropriate fees to relevant courses one can download the video lectures, and by simply following the step by step as mentioned in the video lectures, oneday you become a pro in playing piano.

3. Develop knowledge of piano by a book

Some people like to learn anything by their own, for such people books are always their best friends.There are so many books available in market, which will give you a very good knowledge on playing musical instruments, so find the best book on market and put your best to become an expert in playing the piano.

But always try to find an appropriate book suitable to our knowledge, as we are in the beginning stage, we should select a book suits to a beginner, if once we have clear idea about the basics of music, then we can go for higher level, I am very sure, on your day, you will rock in your band.


4. YouTube-free expert

My pockets are empty, should I kill my desire of learning piano?

A big NO from my side, If you have a strong desire, no one can stop you from anything.

YouTube, an ocean of videos, right from cooking videos to musical lectures,everything we can find in a single place, most importantly, it’s free of cost.

There are lot many videos you will find on YouTube about playing musical instruments, you can find many experts videos in YouTube to learn keyboard as an expert. In the YouTube we can find a lot of variety of pianos, this will help us deciding what type of piano we need actually.


5. Approach a professional friend

All our batch mates are multi talented, at least one of our friend may already have some idea in playing musical instruments, so approach the correct person who is already a professional in playing piano,interact with him regularly and collect total information in learning piano.

Friend..! Never forget to take a clean notes.

These are the 5 easiest ad simple ways to learn piano. If you have any queries, drop your valuable doubts in the below comment box, we will clear it with best answers.

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