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100% working solutions to deal with Heat Rash and Discolouration

In our daily life we will observe different kinds of rashes, most of them are painful, itching and make us feel uncomfortable. Heat rashes which are called as Miliaria are quite common and will mostly get formed in summer.

These heat rashes usually appear on the skin, when the skin pores blocked with dust and further causing the sweat to lock inside without escape from the pores leading to the heat rashes. Generally we observe this skin problem mainly in humid and hot conditions, where the chances of getting sweat is more.

Reasons to get Heat Rashes

These rashes most commonly observed in adults as well as in children also. In children due to the accumulation of dust on the skin pores it will lead to this problem. In children neck, underarm, thighs are the places mostly effected by the heat rashes.

Coming to the adults, heat rashes will mainly observe at inner thighs and under arms i.e. the places where the rubbing of body places takes place and the heat will automatically developed at that region. This results in the formation of heat rashes.

The symptoms of heat rashes are given below.

1.Itching of skin.
2.Reddish spots on skin.
3.Burning sensation.
4.Light fever and many more.

Awesome Home remedies to get rid of Heat Rashes

Try to Stay out of heat environment

One of the main causes for heat rashes is excess sweating. Especially in summer due to the high humidity body sweats a lot. This will lead to blockage of sweat pores ultimately resulting in formation of heat rashes. So always try to avoid roaming in hot environment.
Is there any chance for you to spend in air conditional room?

If the answer is yes, then don’t miss the chance. Air condition maintains the proper humidity in the air, this will fight against the heat rashes. This is one of the good and effective home remedies to getting rid of heat rashes.

Cotton and breathable clothing is preferred

Is clothing really matters in heat rashes?
Recent study conducted by University of Melbourne mention that, by wearing loose cotton recover dress will prevent almost 80% of chances to get affected from red rashes.
If you wear artificial fiber clothing like nylon and polyester, these clothes won’t breathe properly and make the Sweat pores closed. When coming to the cotton fabric, it will breathe freely and helps in unblocking of sweat pores. Due to the soft nature of cotton, it won’t create any friction on the body which results in comfortable dressing.
In summer season always prefer loose clothing, if you are selecting skin tights in every moment it will create friction on your body skin. Fiction trigger the chances of heat rashes on the body.

Avoid Physical Activities

whenever we are playing or doing any exercise, it will raise our body temperature and automatically it will make our body sweating, which results in heat rashes. Here below we are giving you the activities one should avoid in summer time.
1.Sports and games
2.Vigorous running
3.Cardio exercises
4.Weight lifting
and other physical activities.

Frequent shower

Whenever there is accumulation of dust on the skin, it will block our sweat pores. Always try to remove dust from the body, for this taking bath is the best option. At least bath twice a day, which keeps your skin dust free and maintain moisture levels in the body skin.
After taking bath don’t use towel on the affected skin. Otherwise use cotton napkin to dry the area of affected skin.

Gentle massage with calamine lotion

Calamine is an effective skin soother. This will also reduce the skin irritation by reducing itching and dryness of the skin. It is always a better choice to avoid standard creams and lotions which we generally used in daily life, because these may not be suitable in summer season.

Maintain proper diet

Include as many as fruits, cool drinks, water and buttermilk tour guide. Due to the minerals present in fruits, will clear the Sweat pores regularly and helps you in getting rid of heat rashes.

Avoid consumption of Alcohol and Smoking

Alcohol consumption and smoking will results in accumulation of dust particles in the Sweat pores, this will triggers the chances of affected by heat rashes. It is always better to reduce the consumption of alcohol and smoking in the month of summer. This is one of the effective ways of getting rid of heat rashes.


Expose your skin to Fresh Air

never Lock yourself in a closed room. This may trigger the chances of accumulation of dust particles in the pores. This may result is heat rashes. So always try to expose your skin to fresh cool air.

How to protect kid’s skin from heat rashes?

These heat rashes are mainly we observe on kids skin. Due to skin texture toddlers are most likely to affect with this rashes.

Apply Skin Powder

Different brands of skin powders are available in the market. The best skin Powder and apply smoothly on the skin of your baby.do It continuously by without any fail.

Avoid Travelling in Hot Summer

when you are travelling with your kids, definitely the harsh pollution will show effects on your baby’s skin. Due to the dust particles present in the pollution, it may block the sweat pores of your baby. This may result in serious heat rashes. Avoiding the travel is one of the best ways to get rid of heat rashes in summer.
These are the best and natural ways to get rid of heat rashes especially in summer. Don’t forget the steps to take care of your skin along with your kid’s soft and smooth skin. If you have any queries, kindly drop of your doubts in the comment box provided below. And share this information with your friends.


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