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Top 10 Happiness Tips of all time

Can Billion dollars give you happiness?

Can a political thrown assure happiness?

Everyone in this world will search for happiness, you may find happiness in watching and I may taste it in a bowl of ice-cream. The cause of happiness will vary from person to person. But there are some all-time tips which will definitely help you in leading a happy life. In this article I am giving you the 10 simple tips which help you to lead a happy life.


Top 10 happiness tips of all time

Never compare yourself:

“He have an Audi, I don’t have”.

Comparisons always leads to dissatisfaction, if you are not satisfied by what you have, happiness won’t knock your door.

Be motivated:

Tough situations are very common in everyone’s life. Always stay bold and motivated while crossing the obstacle, this is another important tip to be happy in our life.

Regular Exercise:

Daily exercise will keeps your body fit.

Thumb rule for happiness “Good health keep your mind pleasant and pleasant mind give you happiness”.

Help someone: helping someone who are in need leaves a great self-satisfaction. Scientifically proved that

Follow your heart:

Heart and Mind are the biggest rivals in any one’s life. Heart says something, and mind says another, in this case always follows the heart which will gives you a happy ending.


Forgive others:

Every human being must have committed mistakes in his daily life, never take anyone’s mistakes to heart. Being a human we should be in a position to forgive other’s mistakes.

Believe in yourself:

Different people have different opinions on doing a particular thin. Never entertain anyone’s opinion unless they have a valid point. Always follow yourself and do what you want.

Friendly nature:

True friends are directly proportional to happiness.

If you have real friends in life, undoubtedly you are the happiest person in the world.


Be optimistic:

Being optimistic is much better than pessimistic.

Give a soccer kick to all the negative thoughts. Develop positive nature, it will automatically develop the positive energy in and around you.

Healthy life style:

Pleasant ambiance, healthy food, good sleep won’t they give you happiness?

Always lead a healthy life style; happiness will follow your path.

If you followed the above mentioned tips, happiness won’t leave you at any time.


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