101 Amazing Long & Short Haircut Styles for Men & Women

Which hair cut looks best on me? Can I go with short hair cut? Or long hair is preferable?

These are the most common question by every fashion freak. In the present dynamic world, everything will be change in just a matter of minutes. Some men will prefer spikes; some will prefer ultra-short haircuts, some may prefer buzz haircut, it is always important to choose the best hair cut suits to your face.

101 Cool Hair styles for Hot Men & Women

How to cut Men hair?

Important points to remember before going to hair cut, 

  1. Choose the best place to cut your hair.
  2. Never copy hair style from others. It may not be suitable for your face.
  3. Try Photoshop and choose best hair style to your face.

How to choose Best place for men’s hair cut?

  1. If you don’t have a personal hair stylist, go by the saloon which you generally visit. That is the best place.
  2. If you want to try a new saloon, never forget to read its reviews and customer feed backs.
  3. Before taking to the haircut, talk to the hairstylist and explain about hair properly.

In this article we are showing you some best short and long haircuts for men.

  1. Short Hair -Spikes cut
  2. Narrow Cut-hair style
  3. Japanese long cut – specifically suitable for soft hair people
  4. Buzz cut -these hair style will look good on ovalshaped faced men
  5. Side pony Hair style – preferable to fashion freaks
  6. Soft Patch – this hair cut is suitable to people who have silky hair with bright skin tone
  7. Greasy look – people who look wet look preferable this hair cut
  8. Buzz Sharp cut – this look best on people who like short hair
  9. Short spikes – Great hair cut for college guys
  10. Front spikes 
  11. Wet Patch
  12. Dark Window
  13. Ultra Short Buzz Hair cut
  14. Narrow Patch Hair ut
  15. Demon Hair Cut
  16. Simple Greasy Look
  17. Soft Back Wind
  18. John Nash Cut
  19. Walkers Hat
  20. Wool Walker 
  21. Sub Continent Hair style for men
  22. Brizzle cut – looks hot on short men 
  23. Olympiad 
  24. Dark Grooves – hair cut for men
  25. Toxic – Suitable hairstyle for short height boys
  26. Simple Snack
  27. Crazy Wall Hair cut
  28. Dark Snap 
  29. Hawk Style Hair style
  30. Best hair style for bright skin men
  31. Hawk Wings – This hair style suitable for long hair men
  32. Brizzle Hot cut
  33. Gixer Wings
  34. Modular cut
  35. Best hair style for black men to cut hair by own
  36. Snakes Path
  37. Gamblers look
  38. Cat cross
  39. Sharp gym
  40. Mask island
  41. Long Island cut
  42. peacock deck
  43. Sharp Beard
  44. Chinese Trim 
  45. Curly King
  46. Devils knight
  47. Nixon’s hat
  48. Sparrow Nest
  49. Japanese Mat
  50. Brave Knight cut
  51. Alexander Windler
  52. Greasy hair style for short hair men
  53. John’s Craft
  54. Sharp Grooves with smart beard
  55. Ultra short cut
  56. Indian Domestic look
  57. Swing Hack messile
  58. Men Hair cut with clippers
  59. Locking World Smart
  60. Long Tower cut
  61. Black hair cut
  62. Iconic Look for men with long hair
  63. Short hair with smart look
  64. Spikes with greasy look
  65. Greasy desk
  66. This men hair cut you can try by your own, with out going to saloon
  67. Hair cut is most suitable for tall men.
  68. Short Curly hair cut for Men 
  69. Men faided cut
  70. groove mode
  71. wilsons choice cut
  72. twinkle bee cut
  73. Swinging Bell cut
  74. Angel men, best hair style suitable for black men and mall face men.
  75. Onion Group
  76. Magnetic Bar Cut
  77. Honey Wall Grove
  78. Peacock feather cut
  79. Straight Wrinkles 
  80. Clippers Hair cut
  81. Short and straight, Black men can cut this 
  82. Ultra thin follicles with low dense hair 
  83. Indian Dark skin Look
  84. Small low dense cut
  85. Heavy sharp cut
  86. Ancient traditional look
  87. Indian Smart look
  88. Ultra sharp thin sword
  89. Set Wet look
  90. Side Ladder
  91. Back Knot
  92. Light Skin men
  93. Pixel cut
  94. Twinkle Master
  95. Small Beard Wings
  96. Massive Right well
  97. Corn Farm 
  98. Nail cut 
  99. Scissor Cut
  100. Sharp Dark Knight
    These are the best short hair cuts for men. In this we are giving you the suitable short hair styles for men. follow this styles and be the hot stud in your group.
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