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Top 10 ways to get rid of Woodpeckers which you can blindly follow

Woodpeckers are enemies to the people who live in wooden houses. These birds are really looks beautiful, but in the same time they will make small holes on wood by pecking with their beak. They will create a lot of problem to the people around them.

Reasons for woodpeckers pecking the trees or wood.

  1. There are mainly two reasons to peck wood.
  2. To leave a territory mark on the location they visited.
  3. In searching of food woodpeckers will peck in to deeper layers of wood.

We all knew that birds will construct a nest o live. But when coming to the nest i.e house of woody woodpecker, they will peck the tree and prepare a nest to survive.

Problems caused by woodpeckers: Damages the house

Most importantly, these birds will damage the wooden houses by pecking. Initially they will make some small and if they found any food like small insects, this will keep on pecking the food. This will end up with a big hole on the wood.

How to get rid of woodpeckers?

If you are facing problems with these birds, if you are looking for the best ways to get rid of this birds, here are the awesome tricks to solve your problem.

1. Wood pecker traps

Traps are the best to get away with the bunch of these birds. Generally these bird traps are made of high quality plastic and nylon, these are very tough such that the birds cannot damage them with their beaks. . There are many bird traps are available in the market, to catch these birds. Spread this trap over the area, where the movement of these birds are more. When the bird moves over this trap, their legs will automatically get locked in to this trap and they cannot move anywhere further.

2. Hang a Wild Bird toy

These birds won’t fly near to wild birds like hawks, vultures etc. hang a toy of hawk at the top of the house, where it is visible from all sides of the house. By looking at this toy birds, these birds won’t come in reach of your building. This is the best way to get rid of woodpeckers pecking on your house.

3. Can we kill woodpeckers?

In many countries, killing of natural animals and birds without permission and license is strictly prohibited. If you caught in that case, you will be behind the bars. In the countries like Australia, Newzland, South Africa etc.  Woodpeckers are treated as rare species. The government will look after these Birds feeding and breeding.

4. Mechanical noise maker to control woodpeckers

Making some scary noises will give you some relief from these birds. These birds won’t be in reach of scary loud sounds, so try to play loud music in the top of the roof. Then automatically these birds will not take a step on your house top. This is the best way to get rid of woodpeckers on roof.

5. Spikes – Simple Trick

There are many spike boards are available in the market, especially for the sake of the birds. Whenever this bird kept it’s foot inside the spike board, due to the sharp spikes it will immediately run away from there. This is any easy way to get rid of woodpeckers from your wooden house.


6. Poison – Dangerous

(We are recommending you to use poison)

In market woodpecker poisons are available, you can use this poison to kill Birds, but handling poison is always dangerous. In many countries killing of birds is highly restricted. So think twice before using this poison. By Capecod pest control woodpecker damage insurance company, we can some also insure our house by this birds.

Note: never place this poison in reach of children. Keep this poison bottle very far from normal utility place. Never forget to wash your hands after handling this poison.

7. Mesh your house

This is another great thought. This may be bit expensive, but will 99% positive results. Try to mesh your house, so it is almost impossible to the birds to enter in to the mesh and they cannot peck holes in the wooden house. This is a good way to get rid of woodpeckers attacking home siding.

8. Contact Birds sanctuary

If the number of woodpeckers are more than the natural, give a call to local wood pecker animal control organisations. This will come to your place and take these birds with them.

This is a simple and safe solution.

9. Remove water and food sources

Water sources and food sources will attract Birds, if you left any food sources like grains, they will automatically attract Birds. For controlling wood peckers it is always mandatory to clean your house surroundings. If they provide any garbage, this will try to reach there. By this you can get rid of woodpecker pecking your house roof.

10. Holographic tapes

Birds won’t be in reach of shining and noisy materials. They will feel uncomfortable and try to maintain the distance from those material. Holographic tapes are available in the market, always tried to choose a best quality of holographic tape (costs $20 – $40). This is simple way to get rid of woodpeckers.

How to repair woodpecker holes?

Even if you take so much of care, woodpeckers will make some holes. To repair these holes, there are many easy trick and tips to follow.

1. Cement patches

Patching the holes will cement is the simple and safe option. This will again give the strength back to your wood (Don’t use normal cement. These is some special cement to fill the patches in wood).

2. Wood filler

Wood filling materials are available in the market. Take the best quality of this filler material and fill it in the places, where it need. Always try to fill the holes properly, by with our any air gaps.

If you left any gaps in the wood, it may leads to damage of wood, by wood ants.

Note: These filler materials are mostly toxic in nature. Always try to use if with gloves and keep it away from the reach of children.


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