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What causes Sore Throat? 15 Natural ways to get rid of Sore Throat Quickly

Sore throat is common in cool climates and in allergenic environments. By the itching of throat and pain when we swallow, will always make us irritating. In this article we will see some awesome ways to get rid of the sore throat.

Major Causes for sore throat

 1. Impure water

This is the major cause to get effected with sore throat. In the rural areas they will consume the impure water and this results in swelling of throats due to this problem.

Doctor checking with depressor sore throat to teenage girl

 2. Climatic conditions

The change in climatic conditions will generally leads to the development of bacteria in and around our premises. When we roam around in that premises, we will get affected automatically.

These are the major reasons to get affected with sore throat.

Symptoms of sore throat

  1. Itching throat
  2. Paining Neck
  3. Swelling of throat are common symptoms of sore throat.
  4. In addition to this, we will observe fever in some people.

Best ways to get rid of sore throat

1. Gargling of warm salt water – Golden Medicine

This is is the best home remedies to get rid of sore throat. The dissolved salt present in the water will wash out he bacteria present in the mouth. This will give you immediate relief to the throat infection.

2. Antibiotics

If the problem is severe, consult a doctor and mention your exact problem. Take the suggested antibiotic by without missing the dose. This will help you in clearing your throat infection.

Ayurveda and home remedies to cure sore throat problem.

3. Milk with turmeric powder – Proven relief for sore throat

Add 1 table spoon of turmeric powder to the 150 ml of hot milk. Take this milk before going to bed. The anti-biotic nature of turmeric powder will fight against the bacteria i.e. located at the gate of throat and will give you quick relief from this problem.

4. Neem and Tulasi juice

Take two leaves of Neem and Tulasi and chew it early in the morning before brushing your teeth. The Neem will act as a anti-biotic and Tulasi leaves will boost up the immunity power. If you are not able to chew Neem leaves, add two drops of honey and lemon to the leaves. This will give you good taste.

5. Avoid Drinking Unfiltered water

Bacteria will enter in to our body, mainly by water. The unfiltered water is the source for many microorganisms. If you are drinking this water, it will result in accumulation of bacteria in the body. To avoid this problem always prefer to drink filtered water.

Note: Drinking Filtered hot water is the best practice to avoid any infections.

6. Garlic – Natural Medicine

Garlic is the best medicine to soothe sore throat. The reason behind the working of this medicine is, it contains a compound and it will kill the bacteria that is present Inside the mouth and helps in clearing your infections. Chewing garlic early in the morning will helps you to develop the immunity power and fights against the headache also.

7. Ginger Juice – Awesome Benefits

Take two pieces of ginger, add two table spoons of lemon, and add a pinch of salt. Then grind this mixture well. Consume this fine juice early I the morning. Believe in, with in two days this infection will fly from you.

8. Marshmallow herb

This herb is known for treatment of sore throat naturally. Take the route of Marshmallow and boil it in filtered water. Add few drops of lemon juice as well as A Pinch of salt to this water. Due to the medical values of Marshmallow, the bacteria present in the mouth will be cleared immediately. This will give you a clear throat with bacteria free.

9. Catch the steam

Take a kettle, boil a cup of water until it reach to the boiling point. Add ginger pieces to this water. You can add small pieces of mint to this water for flavor.  Cover yourself with the blanket and try to catch the steam coming out of the kettle. This steam will directly and enter into the places where the bacteria is present. And fight against the bacteria to give relief from this problem.

10. Pepper – strong tool to fight

Pepper and honey is a magical combination 2 fight against germs. But it is difficult to consume strong pepper directly, so it is always preferable to add lemon drops along with honey to the pepper.  For the beginners it is difficult to consume, but it is very useful.

Note: Don’t go with too concentrated pepper, it may hurt your inner layers of mouth skin.

11. Licorice root tea is best substitute to coffee

Licorice root is has many anti-biotic properties and helps you to get rid of sore throat and also from many bacterial diseases.

12. Strong soda

This is another home remedy to get rid of sore throat. Baking soda is alkaline in nature. So it will cure the small rashes and skin cuts. Due to the alkaline nature it would help to kill the microorganisms and other small bacteria. Always be conscious about the quantity of baking soda. If you are using more quantity, it may leads to skin infections and skin rashes.

13. Cloves – micro medicine

The small pieces of cloves will help you a lot in fighting against this problem. Take two small pieces of cloves and keep it under your tongue, suck the juice coming out of the cloves for more than 3 hours. After some time chew the remaining clove pieces and swallow at the end. This will make you free from sore throat.

14. Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide will remove the bacteria present in the mouth. This chemical sometimes used as a cleaning agent in ears and other body parts.

 15. Pomegranate juice

This is known for its antioxidants and antibacterial nature. If you are consuming this pomegranate juice regularly, you will be free from all bacteria are related infections.

These are the causes, symptoms along with natural home remedies to get rid of sore throat.

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