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100% Proven ways to get rid of Snakes and Quick First Aid for Snake Bite

All snakes are not dangerous but it is not so easy to determine whether it is a poisonous or non-poisonous snake with just a look. Most people get panicked with the presence of snake thinking it as a poisonous one which is quiet common problem especially among the people living in rural and forest regions. Snakes are very active in the regions where there are abundant bushes and trees so we usually find them in farm houses and near to agriculture fields.

The situation in urban areas is quite better, because here in cities we won’t find thick bushes and trees. But in some places like old apartments and in city outskirts, the movement of snakes in to house is quite often.

Best ways to identify the movement of snake in home

1. Check for snake skin

Generally snakes will shed their skin after some time period. if you found that snake skin, you can determine the movement of snake in your home.

2. Snake marks

If a snake crawled on mud or sand, we can easily find the crawl marks on the sand. By this we can find the length of the snake.

Some expert people even say the specie of snake by just looking at the snake marks on sand.

Natural ways to get rid of snakes getting in to snakes

Mothballs – a perfect repellent for Snakes

Moth balls are very effective in the process of repelling of snakes. Try to keep these mothballs at the entrance of rat holes and other narrow passage ways where there are chances for snakes to enter in to our premises. Mothballs is a product of naphthalene, extracted from tar and produces toxic gases, this smell of naphthalene is not appropriate to snakes so they stay far away from the reach of these balls.

The only problem with the use of mothballs is, these fumes cause problems to the red blood cells and sometimes may lead to diseases like jaundice.

Remove tall trees

Most of the snakes takes shelter on the branches of the trees. If you destroy the long branched trees, automatically the problem with snakes will be reduced eventually.

Fill the Rat holes

Rat holes always welcome snakes with red carpet. The best way to avoid entering of snakes in to our home through the rat holes is to fill the rat holes immediately.

Inspection of ventilation and piping lines

Ventilation holes and foundation holes are doors for snakes to enter in to our premises. To avoid this problem, it is always better to keep nets and snake traps at the entrance of ventilation and piping holes.

Control rats and mice

Snakes feed on rats and mice. If your house is filled with rats and mice, then your house will be a dining hall to the snakes. Automatically they start finding ways to enter in to your house further disturbing your peace of mind.

To eradicate this problem, keep your home rat free.

Using of snake traps

Snake traps are one of the highly recommended tools to catch the snakes. If the snake is indoor, snake trap is the best option. Always prefer high quality snake traps and place it in the right location.

The high quality snake traps cost around $25 + $5 for delivery charges.

Remove rock piles and bushes

Rock piles and bushes welcome snakes. It is always easy for a snake to stay and crawl in bushy areas. Snakes make rock piles as the shelter, especially in the gap between the rocks. We knew that snakes can enter even in to the small areas and holes, so this is best suitable for them.

How to get rid of Garter snakes

Glue based snake traps

These traps are effective in catching the snakes indoor. If this trap kept outdoors, all other things will stick to it. This may divert our intention to trap the snake. This is an effective way to get rid of garter snakes.

This is an effective way to get rid of snakes and to make you home safe and snake proof.

Snake repellants

In the market many snake repellants are available, but to be frank these won’t work efficiently. There are some of the most effective and high efficient snake repellants are available but they are very costly and rare to find those.

Snake proof electric fence

Snake proof fence is another good idea, but unfortunately it won’t give a fruitful result all times. Snake proof fence are generally electric fence, so it is too dangerous. If any animal or human being touch to this fence it will show bad effects on it. So this fence won’t apply normally.

Snake proof mesh/fence (non-electric)

This fence is made with highly dense mesh, so it helps to restrict the easy moment of snakes from it and helps us by preventing the entrance of snakes in to our home.

Hire a professional

Professional deal with snakes with unique style and great technique. Professionals knew the movement of snakes and they will have a clear idea. They will locate the traps in the best places to catch the snakes.

Important points to remember about snakes

  1. Never try to handle the snake without knowing whether it is poisonous or not.
  2. Never keep any animal in glue trap to attract a snake.
  3. In many countries it is illegal to handle the snakes. So if you found any problem, take the assistance of wild life professionals.

First aid for snake bite

  1. If unfortunately snake bite someone, don’t make him panic and just tie a rope to the place where it bite and isolate it from remaining body.
  2. Make the victim conscious by talking to him.
  3. Allow enough free air to him and don’t give anything to eat or drink.
  4. Take him immediately to the doctor

These are the best possible ways to get rid of snakes in house and garden.


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