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10 Effective ways to get rid of rats and mice in less than a day

Rats are the most active animal species. We can see rats at all over the worst. When talking about rats, first we should discuss about their strong and sharp teeth. By his long teeth they can easily chew anything. If rats make your house are resident, then you should take immediate actions to get rid of rats.

Problems created by rats

Spreads many diseases

Many rats carry dangerous bacteria and these bacteria will cause many diseases like Leptospirosis and weil’s disease. The urine of rat is more dangerous and this will spread diseases like Salmonella, Listeria, Toxoplasma Gondi and Hantavirus.

Destroys our home appliances and furniture

Rat’s teeth are too strong. They will destroy everything with their teeth. Rats always destroy wooden furniture and other furniture. Are you facing the same problem? Are you looking for the best solution to get rid of rats? Keep reading this article.

Damage electrical cables

Electrical cables and electronic cables are mostly damage by cats. In a study on rats mentioned that, almost 25% – 30 % of electronic cable damage is by rats. By looking at these figures we can estimate the damage to electronic cables by the rats.

Spoils Food

If you kept any food material in the reach of rats, surely it will spoil your food material. Unfortunately if you consume this food material, it will leads to serious health issues.

How to protect kids from rats

Rat bites are very dangerous to any age. When they bite kids, they will face a lot of pain and may leads to dangerous infections. In an US study, almost 10,000 every year are effecting by the rat poison. So always protect your toddlers from rats. Here below we are giving you the best ways to protect your kids from rats.

Use Guards while they are sleeping

Many rat guards are available in the market. This will act as a barrier between your kid and the rats.

Note: always choose a good brand of guard. Don’t compromise with quality.


We all know the odor of ammonia. This is unpleasant to humans as well as the rats. When we keep ammonia close to the rats, they won’t be in reach of the ammonia and automatically by using of ammonia we get rid of rats and mice.

Rat repellent

Some rat repellent creams are available on the market, but there are not fully effective. Sometimes low quality repellents may cause skin problems to kids. So always go by a quality and standard rat repellent.

Effective ways to get rid of rats and mice in kitchens

Rat traps

Rat traps are the best tool to catch rats. From decades most of the people are using this rat traps to catch rats. Generally rats will enter in to house by the rat holes, so always keep your rat traps at the entrance and exit of rat holes, this will be give you effective solutions.

Glue Boards

This is another effective way in catching of rats. This boards consists of strong glue and attracts rats with its smell. If any rat moves above it, it will we sticks to that glue plate and are almost impossible to come out of it.

Close all rat holes

Prevention is better than cure. Always try to stop rats before entering in to your premises. Rats generally enter in to our home by small holes and pipes, so always keep an eye on these gates. Whenever you found any holes in walls and pipes try to fill it as early as possible.

Rat poison

Rat poison is very effective, in the same way it is very dangerous. If you have kids, then without any second thought forgot this option.

Can you tell the non-poisonous and natural ways to get rid of rats?

Here below we are giving you the top and effective natural and nonpoisonous ways to get rid of mice.

Natural ways to get rid of rats and mice


Cloves are very effective in controlling the rats and mice. When the cloves are slightly heated, they will release one kind of odor, which is very unpleasant to rats. They won’t be in reach of clove. This is one of the best natural ways to get rid of rats.

Cloves (spice) and wooden spoon close-up food background


The smell of onions attracts rats. Try to keep an onion in the rat traps and place this rat trap at the entrance of rat holes, this will really give you a great relief from the mice.

Bring a cat to home

Sounding funny?

No. this is the very economical and most adorable practice in getting rid of rats. Cats are very effective in catching of rats. There are some specially trained cats are available in the market, which are more creative in making our home rat free.

Contact Professionals

In the market, rat catchers are available. They are really creative and will give you 100% results in catching of rats. Now a days the number of rat catchers are increasing exponentially, due to the need.

First Aid for Rat bites

Vomiting, fever and fever are the immediate symptoms that we will found after rat bites. When someone is effected with rat bites, always follow the following tips as first aid.

  1. Clean the bitten place with soap and water.
  2. Stop the bleeding with cotton.
  3. Apply anti fungal or anti-bacterial lotion.
  4. Immediately consult a reputed doctor and take a tetanus injection.

In the above article we have mentioned the best and effective ways to get rid of mice and rats. And also we mentioned natural ways and first aid steps for rat bites. If you like our article kindly share to your friends. This may help someone facing problems with rats. For any further doubts drop your query in the comment box provided below.


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