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12 Effective ways to Get Rid of Pigeons in less than a Day

Pigeons are most gentle looking birds but when coming to the reality they will create a lot of disturbance and problems. The uric acids drop from the pigeons are not similar to the normal wastes, there will damage the roofs severely. And these white material are high fungal and bacteria content which will create adverse effects on human health. Pigeons are very similar to the rats, both will perfectly adopt to the human environments. For the people who are staying in high buildings will face the problems with pigeons regularly.

Problems caused by Pigeons

  • Spoils our sleep in the early morning, with their sounds.
  • Spoils our terrace.
  • Drops unwanted stuff everywhere on the house roof.
  • Spreads Diseases.
  • Leaves their feathers everywhere.

They do spread diseases to humans

As per New York City health department, there are three types of diseases that pigeons may cause to humans.

Histoplasmosis: this is a kind of fungal infection, which is caused by inhaling the dusts dropped by the pigeon.

Cyptococcosis: this is another kind of fungal decease caused by the pigeons dust. This is contagious and leads to severe infection.

Psittacosis: this is a bacterial decease and will transfer from pigeons to parrots and sometimes humans will also get effected with this.

Best tips that you can follow to get rid of Pigeons

This is the common question to all people who are facing problems with pigeons, in this article we are giving you the best solutions to get away with the problems causing by the pigeons.

The best possible solutions of getting away from pigeons are given below.

1. Set up Pigeon Traps

Pigeon traps are one of the most effective tools to avoid most of the problems caused by them. Drop few grains or seeds on the trap and place the trap on the house roof, keep two or three pigeons inside the trap, so that these pigeons will attract the remaining and in the whole you can catch many pigeons at a time.

This is highly recommended.

2. Shoot with toy guns

This tips may generally won’t give you full time relief from the pigeons, but for an instance shooting the pigeons with toy guns is effective.

3. Scare them with Noise makers

In the present market, there are many interesting tools came in to picture regarding the birds. These noise makers is one among them. This will make some noises which won’t accept by the normal birds and they automatically move away from there.

4. Arrange Pigeons Spikes

This is another interesting tool to avoid the problems with birds. As shown in the picture, these spikes will be placed on the places where the traffic of birds are more. Whenever the pigeons stand on this spikes, it pokes and immediately they will fly away from there.

Note: Make sure that these spikes are not in our regular way, otherwise it may hurt us.

5. Use Owl-Hawk Toys

Pigeons don’t come close to Owls and Hawks, so you can place a moving owl or Hawk toy on your house roofing or balcony, by looking at these moving toys birds won’t come close to your roof.

Do you want to get rid of pigeons naturally? then check below:

If there is any availability of food, shadow and water, birds will be automatically attracted to that places. In our balconies and house roof if there is any availability of food and water automatically pigeons will come and stay over there. This may results in to further problems. To avoid the pigeons below I am giving you the best natural ways to get rid of birds.

6. Irritate them with Pepper

Pigeons don’t like the smell of the pepper. if you kept some bottles of pepper, they will immediately fly away from that place.

7. Create a False roost

Tie a thread from one end to another. pigeons will think that as a roost and they won’t come close to that.

8. Say no to Food & Water Sources

If the pigeons found any food sources like seeds, small insects and other grains etc. they will definitely come there and also will make it as a shelter to stay there. If they are habituated to get food in the same location, then it is very difficult to get away from these birds.

After flying for a long time, pigeons generally get tired and look for some water. Generally on the roof top some water may be stayed due to rains, this will be a feast to the birds. This will fly from nowhere and cause all noise over there.

9. Keep your Surroundings Clean

If you left any garbage on the roof of the house, it will attract birds and they will attack o the garbage bags. This will really make your roof worst.

10. Remove Nests to stop them further

If there are any nests near your house, then remove them immediately, otherwise it is almost impossible to get away from them.

11. No Trees-No Birds

If no trees are near to your home, then you are almost get rid of pigeons, parrots, pigeons, crows and many birds.

These are some of the natural ways to get rid of birds.

Proven natural ways to get rid of Pigeon eggs

If you are a large property owner, at least once you would have come across the problem with pigeons.

12. Ovocontrol

Ovocontrol is the cheapest methods to control the pigeon eggs. This is a chemical bait. When pigeons ate these bait, due to the chemical nature it will control the reproductive cells and control the pigeon eggs. This ovocontrol baits can be used for any birds.

Always keep in mind that, one should not harm any birds. As per the rules of PETA and other animal protecting organizations. So always use the tools and traps which won’t create any harm to pigeons.

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