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Best 20 Home remedies to cure Acute and Chronic Insomnia

Are you spending your night without sleep?

How to cure Insomnia? Is this the question pecking your mind?

Friends, I am here to help you. Insomnia is nothing but sleeplessness. Many people will find a lot of problem with this mental disorder. Sometimes it will tend to suicidal tendency.


There are two main types of Insomnia.

  1. Primary Insomnia.
  2. Secondary Insomnia.

There are different stages of Insomnia.

  1. Acute Insomnia
  2. Chronic Insomnia.

Believe in me, you will get cure from Insomnia by following the simple and easy ways to get rid of Insomnia. In this article we are you the reasons for Insomnia, along with best ways to control Insomnia.

Reasons for Acute and Chronic Insomnia

  1. Heavy Noise – Enemy to sleep – If you are in noisy surroundings, it won’t allow you to sleep properly.
  2. Improper food habits – improper food habits will show adverse effects on physical and mental health.

Home remedies to cure Acute and Chronic Insomnia

1. Take a mild temperature water shower before sleep.

If you take shower before going to sleep, it will relax our soul and body which is very important to get a sound sleep.

2. Avoid smoking and drinking

Smoking and drinking may give you instant happiness. But these two are biggest Enemies for pleasant sleep. If you Avoid smoking and drinking immediately, you are almost away from sleepless disorders.

3. Plan a proper diet

Make sure your diet is combination of proteins fats minerals and other Essential elements. a balanced diet will keep you away from Insomnia.

4. More fruits and vegetables

Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. The antioxidant present in the fruits especially like, orange tips and pineapple etc. Will make you nervous system fresh and strong.

5. Drink a glass of milk

A glass of hot milk will make your body relaxed. The milk contain vitamins like vitamin A, E, which are very effective in relaxing our mind

6. Practice yoga for Insomnia

Yoga is not only for the physical health, it will also take care of mental strength. Unstable mind is the key reason for Insomnia. Practicing yoga and meditation for at least 10 to 15 minutes every day will give you peaceful and sound sleep every day.

7. Avoid using electronic screens

In a research conducted by Virginia University stated that, if a person watching electronic screens like mobile and laptop, the chances of getting effected with Insomnia will be doubled. The light emitted by the electronic screens will make our eyes strain and will directly affect your CNS (central nervous system). To avoid this problem, prefer high quality screens. These screens won’t allow harmful light from the electronic screens. And we can also additional polarized screens, which will protect us from Insomnia disorder.

8. Digestion problems

In the people who are suffering from digestive problems, the chances of getting affected by the Insomnia are more. Due to the improper releases of enzymes and secretions, it will make us feel uncomfortable and leads to Insomnia.

9. Maintain Gap between Dinner and Sleep

Whenever your food is fully digested, it is easy for you to get into sleep. try to maintain a 4 hours gap between dinner and sleep. That will help you to digest your food.

10 Regular Exercise

Regular exercise will keep your body fit. This will make your muscles to expand, this will needs time to relax. By doing the exercises regularly your body will get tired and automatically it will help you to get into sound sleep.
This is another way to get rid of Insomnia problem.


11. Proper time table

Prepare a timetable, which include your food time table, cooking and exercise. Importantly it should contain the time of sleep. When you are trying to follow the same time table, your body will automatically tune up to these timings. So you will automatically get into sleep. This is one of the remedies of Insomnia.

12. Avoid Day Naps

If you are taking power naps in day time, then the chances of not getting sleep at night are more. Try to make yourself busy in the day time, it won’t allow you to take naps.

Ayurvedic medicine for Insomnia

13. Add saffron to Milk

Add 1 mg of saffron to the milk. And consume it. The medical values present in the saffron will give you pleasant sleep.

14. Aswagandha

Aswagandha is very good in balancing the linking between mind and all body senses. The recommended dose of taking this medicine is half table spoon and importantly we need to take it in the night time only. Then it will give best results.

15. Brahmi – the brain tonic

The brain is the important organ in getting maintain our body and soul peacefully and healthily. If you are facing any nervous system related problems then it is definitely related to your brain. To maintain your body and brain healthily, Brahmi tonic is best in medicine to maintain your health. These are the best ayurvedic remedies to cure your Insomnia problem.

16. Avoid Caffeine

Caffeine and other related things won’t allow you to sleep. This will stimulate your nervous system and will not let your brain to sleep.
17. Meditation
Meditation will keep you relaxed. This soothes your soul and will give you the best solution from, sleeplessness disorder.

18. Best Medical Care

Medical sector is advancing day by day. There are many great medicines and doctors are available in the market to give you best possible solution from this problem.

19. Listen to your favorite music tracks

Music always make you stress free. Whenever you are not feeling to sleep, try to play your favorite music tracks. We knew that Babies will sleep by listening to your lullabies. In the same philosophy, the music will reduce anxiety and distress your mind, this will help you for good sleep.

My friends, follow he above given tips to get rid of Insomnia problems. If you are

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