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101 Actionable Tips to Get Rid of Excess Fat and Shape like an Athlete

Are you fatty in your team?

Then undoubtedly your friends will crack many jokes on you.

Are you here to reduce your fat and want to reply them with your perfect body?

You are at the right and best place. In this article I am giving you the easiest ways and exercises to get rid of fat in no time.

The effective ways to get rid of belly fat within a week

1. Consume Aloe Vera juice regularly

Add Aloe Vera juice of 150 to 180 ml to your diet regularly. This will take care of your digestive system and helps you in burning unwanted fat. Within a week this will give you mind blowing results by reducing your belly fat.

2. Use olive oil

Replace olive oil immediately in the place of unhealthy oil that you are using in your food. Olive oil is rich in minerals and higher medicated values, so consuming olive oil will give an effective results in reducing your belly fat.

3. Consume Tiger nuts

Tiger nuts are rich in fiber content. To break down this fiber content, and it will burn lot of calories, that results in burning of unwanted fat, that is accumulated all over the body. This will give you magical results within 3 weeks by without any fail.

4. Exercises to reduce belly fat

Perform squats regularly if you are performing squats regularly at least for 15 to 20 minutes, then your belly fat feel be vanished very quickly. And performance quotes will also give additional Bond strength to your body and gives muscle strength to your belly muscles. This is one of the effective ways to get rid of belly fat.

5. Running and jogging

This is the most easiest and effective exercise in reducing belly fat. We can say that running will not only reduce our belly fat, it will also show effective results in maintaining body weight as well as developing strength to our body. If you are running for 5 kilometers every day, it will exponentially increase your stamina and burn all unwanted fat that is present in the body.
If you are looking for a flat belly, in my opinion running is the best option.

6. Plank

Look at the figure given below. Try to be in the position shown in the figure for 1 minutes at least. Every day at least spend two 6 minutes in that position, and repeat this for almost 15 days. Believe in me, it will give you very effective and attractive shape to your shape to your belly.

7. Massage your body with sesame oil

By the texture of sesame oil, it will easily enter into the skin. By it awesome medical properties, it will burn the accumulated fats beneath the skin.

8. Avoid sugar and sweet beverages

Added sugar are really unhealthy and will show adverse effect on body metabolic rate. Sugar is the combination of glucose and Fructose. Fructose can only digestible by the enzymes produced by the liver. If the liver is overloaded with fructose, it will change this fructose into unwanted fat.
By the recent studies, easy to accumulate fat especially on the layers of belly by this the belly fat will be increased by consuming sugar.
When comparing to the solid sugar liquid sugar will be more dangerous. This will increase the fat of belly as well as liver. Which results in the resistance of insulin in triggers many metabolic problems.

How to reduce the obesity in children?

It is very sad to believe that around 30% of children in US are facing problems with obesity. The main reason behind this problem is consuming too much of liquid sugar in the form of beverages. For high sugar levels, manufacturers will use liquid sugar in place of solid sugar.
So to get rid of belly fat fast you should avoid consuming of sugar.

Is there any proven methods for an obese person to lose belly fat?

There are many methods to reduce this fat, the easiest proven methods for an obese person to lose belly fat are given below.

1. Consume more protein for long time

Consuming more protein food will increase the metabolism. A study from Denmark University clearly mentioned that, the intake of protein food will increase metabolism rate by 100 to 120 calories per day. This strategy is very useful as a long term strategy for reducing belly fat.

2. No say no to carbohydrates

If you reduced the intake of carbohydrates, it will really affect your weight and belly fat.

The people who are facing problems with belly fat, stop consuming rice and other carbohydrate rich food immediately. Avoiding of carbohydrates have two measure benefits. It will reduce the belly fat as well as it will save you from diabetic problem.
So reducing carbohydrates intake is really effective in reducing belly fat.

Bad Habits that will give you belly fat

1. Skipping of breakfast

Breakfast is an important mean of the day. If you skip the breakfast, it will misleads the digestive system.

 2. Smoking and drinking

Drinking will create stress on liver. Which may result in improper digestion.

 3. Never stare at the television while eating

Unknowingly we will consume more food while staring at television. This will add 150 calories additionally to your body.

How to reduce belly fat after pregnancy?

This question is quite common in almost every woman, it is very hard to follow some building exercises after pregnancy. The most effective and easy belly exercises and tips to perform after pregnancy are given below.

 Consume green tea

Green tea is a rich oxidant and helps in burning of unnecessary fat that is accumulated in the body. This will also help you in maintain your nerves stronger and fresher, which is very important to a pregnant women.

Exercise to reduce post-baby belly

  1. Pelvic tilt

Shown in the figure below, move your legs and stretch your body according to that. Keep your body in that position for 5 to 10 seconds. This exercise will give strength to your belly muscles as well as your knees.

 2. Stretch one leg with cloth

Perform this exercise after 10 to 12 weeks of delivery. First lie on your back and pull your one leg with the help of the towel or cloth as shown in figure. Repeat his for 3-4 minutes a day. This exercise will help you in getting a pre-baby belly in less time.

Flabby arms will stop us from wearing attractive outfits and make us feel shy to roam near toned triceps guy. Flabby armed guys and girls will always look for effective ways to get rid of arm fat.

Best proven exercises and tips to reduce Arm fat

Fat will accumulate at different parts in different people. In some people fat will accumulate at the arms. The back of the arm is called triceps. By reducing the fat that is accumulated at the back of the arm, we can give a tones shape to the triceps. Below we mentioned some easy tips and exercises to reduce arm fat.

1. Weight lifting

Lifting of dumbbells and weights will reduce the arm fat. Lift the weights (not too heavy) for 8-10 times and repeat this or 3-4 sets continuously. If you don’t have dumbbells, choose a heavy object like big cool drink bottle (2 litres) and do the same exercise mentioned above. It is a time consuming process. But his will give you effective results in 2 months.

Note: Avoid expensive and brittle material objects to lift.

2. Chair Dips

This is one of the effective ways in reducing back arm fat. To perform this exercise, all you need is a simple chair or a bed. Make sure that the bed or chair is 2 to 2.5 feet higher than ground. This will give effective results in reducing arm fat.

First face away from furniture as shown in the figure and keep your hands on the table. Then stretch your legs as shown in figure. Now take a moment and starts doing the dips. Repeat 3 sets of 12 dips each. This will affect a lot and give you positive results and hot toned triceps in very less time.

3. Counter Push-Up

All you need is a fixed object, which is 3 to 4 feet tall (kitchen platform) from the ground. Take the support to this structure and perform push-up. For a clear idea, look at the figure provided below. Initially it may look difficult to you, but never give up your hold. If you perform 3 sets of 12 push-ups each will give you toned arms.

4. Push-Ups

This is the ultimate exercise for a toned body. Believe in me, if you are performing this exercise regularly, you don’t need to perform any other exercise to reduce your body fat. This will take of reducing arm fat, belly fat, thigh fat, hip fat etc.

First come to the position which is shown in the figure below, and make sure that your back is straight. If you kept your back bending, it may result in back muscle pain. Repeat 10 reps of 3 sets every day, within 2 months strong muscles will be yours.

5. Scissors

This exercise is really suitable and quiet easy to women and girls to reduce body fat, especially arm fat. stand up and lift your arms to the shoulder levels and move your left arm to right and right arm to left, as shown in the below figures. This is aerobic exercise to reduce arm fat and it will also use as cardio exercise to lose body weight.

6. Single arm push-ups

This is another interesting and challenging exercise to get a toned muscle body. This is especially for the people who want to reduce their arm fat with in no time. If you perform 12 reps of 5 sets each day, I am very sure after 8 weeks your arm is power packed with excellent cuts and great shape.

Note: Before performing single arm push-ups, practice normal push-ups for at least 4 weeks.

These are some of the best natural ways and simple exercises to get rid of arm fat.

Fatty neck is not only giving you bad look, but from the health point of view also it will raise a lot of problems. This is an initial symptom for obesity and thyroids problem. One of the major hurdle in getting rid of the rid of neck fat is, we can do hard vigorous exercises to neck. As the neck is surrounded with a lot of sensitive nerves, we should always handle with care and proper protection.

Stimulating the growth around the neck is the best way to burn the fat and this will give you an effective and attractive look to your neck in short time.

Awesome advices to get rid of fat around your neck

1. Jogging – suitable for all ages

A simple walk or jog for 30 to 60 minutes will helps you in increasing in body metabolic rate. This results in burning of excess fat present in all over the body.

2. Make some diet changes

Try to include more fiber content in your diet. This will help you in burning more calories. In addition to this you can follow some basic and easy exercises, which will make your neck muscle stronger.

How do I reduce neck fat/skin and gain a more muscular strong neck?

The best way to gain strong neck muscles is by performing some basic exercises, which are listed below. The exercises are very easy and they can perform anywhere. It will almost take some 5 to 10 minutes.

1. Neck Tilts keeps face healthy

This exercise is quiet easy as well as very effective, helps to reduce neck fat very quickly. This exercise will also help you in getting rid of face fat.

  1. Move your neck in up and down slowly.
  2. Slowly move your neck from right to left.
  3. Now rotate your neck in clock wise as well as anti-clock wise direction.

Note: Always do this exercise very slowly.

2. Neck stretches gives great relief

Stretching your neck, after staring at the computer screens for a long time will really give you great relief. This neck exercise is best suitable to co-operate working people.

3. Skin tightening gels and creams

There are many creams available in the market, which help you by tightening your loosen skin and gives you perfect shape to your neck.

Is surgery a best option to reduce neck fat?

From my point of view, don’t go for neck fat surgery until or unless it is too heavy. It is always better to avoid surgeries. The major cause to avoid surgeries are, there may be chances getting effected by some side effects.


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