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22 Natural ways to get rid of a Migraine Headache immediately

How to get rid of headache?

For the people who are facing problem like headache nausea will always look for answer to this question.

Headache is it quite common problem which we will see in many people. There are different kinds of headaches based on its location, severity o and root cause.

 Different Kinds of headache

 1. Tension headaches

Due to the corporate working style, almost everyone how are leading stressful life. This tension headaches will observe mostly in the people who are failed in handling of work pressure.

 2. Sinus headache

This will observe mostly in people who are facing problems with sinus. When these people move in dusty areas, by the dust, it will trigger the chances of headache.

 3. Cluster headache

In this we observe headache behind eye, sometimes headache in back of head. This is really painful and won’t allow us to do our normal activities.

4. Hungry Headache

when you are not taking enough food, this will be come to picture. To avoid this problem, make sure you are having at least 4 good meals in a day.

Note: Take 150 ml of cow milk after dinner. This will make your body relaxed and gives you sound sleep.

 Natural Ayurveda home remedies to cure headache

1. Lemon and salt water Shake – Magical juice

Dehydration is one of the major causes of headache. The levels of salts in the body will be maintained in balance and helps you in getting relief from vascular headache.

2. Chewing gums

By chewing the gum every day, it will act on the headache pressure points and will give relief from headache. Another important benefit of chewing gum is, it will helps you to get rid of facial fat, and you feather weight feel.

3. Apple – best fruit for people suffering from Headache

Drink a 200 ml of fresh apple juice every day, the anti-oxidants present in the apple will boost up your immunity system and give a flexible nervous system. It will help you fight from dizziness and headache.

4. Honey and lemon

This is the most widely used natural homemade medicine to avoid headache, the natural properties of honey will give you sufficient vitamin c, and helps to boost our immunity. The honey add anti-oxidants, which make you feel fresh and free.

5. Sex – keeps you away from headache

If you are really leading a healthy sex life, you are far away from the chronic headache and other nervous disorders. By the recent study conducted on 140 couples, 68 % of couple who are happy with their sex life are likely to not effected with any chronic headaches. have a healthy sex life – lead a healthy life.

What is migraine headache? How it is different from normal headache?

Migraine is much painful than the typical headache. In this we will feel pain especially on one side of the head, which will results in extreme pain and nausea sensation. The people who are facing problem with migraine are extremely sensitive to light and sound. If they listen to high volumes sudden sounds or they subjected to high intensity light, it will trigger the chances of affecting to migraine.

If you are facing the above mentioned problems and want to move forward by clearing this migraine obstacle, come with me. I have effected and proven tips to get rid of migraine within a month.

Effective and proven methods to get rid of Migraine headache naturally

1. Cure it in the Beginning stage

At what stage you are taking the treatment is really matters a lot in migraine. By the American Headache Society research, if you are taking a good treatment in the prodromal phase of migraine attack, the chances of getting cured from this will increase exponentially. If you wait for more time, this will pull you in to Dark Ocean.

Symptoms of migraine headache in early stages

These prodromal signs of migraine headache are not fixed. They will vary from person to person. Here we are listed some common symptoms, by which you can relate to yourself.

  1. Sensitive to light and sound.
  2. Lack of concentration.
  3. Yawning and sudden fatigue.
  4. Sudden mood changes, anxiety, irritability and sometimes insomnia.

If you met with any problems in recent times, don’t neglect them. Immediately consult an migraine expert and take his word.

2. Find the root cause

There is no strong evidence to say, Migraine is hereditary. But in generally we will observe migraine effect in blood relations. Always it is better to find the key root cause of migraine and then we can take proper measures to come out of it.

In some cases migraine may trigger due to lack of food, this may result in lowering the blood sugar levels i.e. hypoglycaemia. if you are thinking that your migraine is caused by improper intake of food, then consult a dietician and prepare a proper diet plan and follow this without fail.

Does dehydration cause migraine?

Yes, if your body is lack of sufficient fluids this may also cause migraine. This problem we will see especially in summer times due to excess fluid loss.

It is always better to find the root cause and then we can treat it effectively.

3. Try Caffeine – a Quick Reliever

A cup of coffee can give you immediate relief (sometimes) from migraine. In many pain relievers contains caffeine due to its special medical features. This won’t give you permanent relief from migraine, but helps you in getting some relief.

But we should not consume more coffee than the normal quantities. Otherwise it may leads to other medical problems.

4. Cold and Hot Therapy

Hot packs and cold packs will give great relief from migraine. Again it is not a permanent cure to migraine but it will give you some immediate relief from migraine. Don’t be addictive to this therapy, because sometimes you may get addictive to this therapy. Ice packs will soothes your head and reduce numbness. This will really helpful to the pregnancy lady suffering from migraine.

Note: Don’t use too hot or too cold for packs. It may give numbness to skin.

5. Prepare best tools to fight against migraine

If your army is good enough, victory will always be in your side.

Migration is complicated than the typical headache. So many complex things will involve in this case. You need to carry so many effective tools to fight against this. Select best migraine expert, choose effective techniques and tips. Then you can easily get rid of this problem.

6. Find a best place to relax

Improper surroundings will always triggers the chances of migraine. In the present life style, we need to work for 24*7. In this case it is always difficult to find a proper place to relax our mind and body. It is better to choose a dark and soundproof place to relax. If you are taking rest for 8 hours in this kind of place, migraine won’t be in your surroundings.

7. Visit an ENT doctor

Whenever you smell the symptoms of migraine it is always better to visit an ENT specialist. Take a thorough check-up of your ears. Ears are closely related to migraine, if any problem in the ears will show its magnitude with severe headache.

8. Take long breathes

Does long breathes help us in getting rid of migraine?

Yes. Long breathes results in excess consumption of oxygen. Oxygen will make and relax our nervous system and gives us relief. These long breathes helps us even in relaxing our soul and helps us in getting proper concentration.

9. Follow a proper treatment plan

Proper treatment plan is really matters, especially while we want to get out of this migraine problem. Most of the people won’t follow a sequence; this will end up with failure.

The moment when you find the problem, make a proper treatment plan and follow it till the end. It will give you better results and help you to get rid of migraine.

10. Ayurvedic Treatment for migraine headache


This is the magical weapon in treating of migraine. The anti-oxidants will release pressure in the nerves and will allow in free movement of blood in blood vessels.


High vitamin C content in oranges are the best home treatment for migraine headache. It will boost up the immunity system and helps blood vessels to sustain from strokes. 

These are the best and effective ways for the migraine treatment with out any side effects. .

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