top 10 most expensive underwear in the world

Generally our minds always revolve around the trendy and costly brands of costumes, almost we know all the costliest brands in shirting and suiting. But have you ever thought about an expensive underwear?

We all have a myth that shirting and suiting in men’s costumes are more costlier than any thing elsee, but here are some underwear brands which will definitely blow your mind.

There are many men underwear companies which are providing a very good comfort underwear made up of fine  quality  of cloth, some companies are also using good quality of leather and gold in the finishing of underwear, here we are giving top 10 expensive underwear in the world,

Top 10 most expensive underwear in the world

10. 2(x)ist Gold Range Underwear which costs $35 Per Pair:


This underwear is made up o of some fine quality fabrics, this underwear is known for its convenience and clings to our body, so everybody like to go with this underwear even though it is expensive, this product was founded in the year 1991, this product is mainly design by considering the people who think that they are bold and beautiful.

The cost is $35 for pair, but still most people are ready to pay, just t feel it’s comfort.

9. Bon Bon Body Wear Underwear – $39 per Pair


This company is known for it comfort, this expensive underwear is made up of fine quality of fabric which has a soft Silk touch. Another most important thing in this underwear is, it has a gold waistband which is eye catchy.

This is one of the reason, why people are running towards it.

8. Naked Underwear – $45 per Pair

8The material used in this underwear is softer than cotton and Silk, it is also lighter i weight and providing a feeling of complete comfort, Naked underwear are definitely look at the fashion interest.  Some of them are made up of fine quality leather.

Another best part with this manufacturer is that, it is ensuring the the comfort of the wearer. If you have n’t feel comport, they will pay you back. Give a trail friends.

7. Oasis Boxer from Icebreaker Underwear – $50 per Pair


Are you an out door person?

Here is the best underwear for you, This underwear provides safety to our “Soft Goods”, this really provide a very good support with comfort. Most of the sportsman like to use this underwear, this underwear is very suitable for outdoor activities and to play games.

6. Etiquette Clothiers Black Label Luxury Boxer Shorts – $60 per Pair


Are you prefer designer shorts?

Then go by this brand.

This is a designer short and looks almost similar to the boxer which we wear daily. These boxes are made in Italy, in this boxer they provide inner pouch which is a signature to this boxer company.

Shall we try this once?

5. Oakley Carbon X Underwear – $100 per Pair


Have you ever heard of fire proof underwear?

This may sound funny, but they exists.

In this underwear Infusing fibers are used in the manufacturing, this underwear is resistant to fire and tension. Perfectly suitable for a sporty men. The manufacturer is ensuring safety of the goods at any situation.

4. Frigo no.1 Athletic Underwear – $100 Per Pair


This is Athletes first choice.

Most of the athletes are using this underwear, sportsman will prefer this underwear because this is made up of smooth fabric and does not add any pressure to the body genitals. this underwear have an internal messing, so it also protect us from sweating.

3. Derek Rose Otis Pure Silk Boxer – $157 per Pair


For silk lover, this boxer is for you.

This is made up of pure Silk fabric, this boxer he is offering full comfort, this boxer is up to latest design and fashion, everyone should consider this brand if they have enough money to pay.

2. Waffle Briefs – $170 per Pair


Some people likes gold a lot, they likes the presence of gold every where, so by considering that aspect, this underwear company fitted 18 carat gold buttons in this brief. This underwear is mostly designed by considering the people conscious about their appearance in style.

In one word we can say “This is a combo of luxury and style”.

1. Hermes Woven Boxer – $500 per Pair


Yes, the price of this boxer pair is $500, it is the most costliest underwear till date. Believe in my words, this is the best boxer for people who likes comfort and support.

The manufacturer is too conscious about the comfort and support of wearer and he crafted this design in that manner.

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