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Top 10 Tips for Criminology and Psychology Personal Statement

Many people are interested in opting for psychology and criminology, the main reason behind doing so is, they can find lot of interesting aspects in this subject which will make them enlightened in the life, in order to grab that opportunity they need to submit a Criminology and Psychology Personal Statement which is mandatory, but most of the people find difficulty in it.

If you are one among those people who are confused and worried then cheer up, we will transfer your burden to our shoulders. We will help you in solving your problems, so just follow our guide where we have listed the “Top 10 Tips for Criminology and Psychology Personal Statement”, keep note of these tips and implement accordingly. Trust me! you will surely break the ice and cross all the hurdles to reach your destiny.

Top 10 tips for criminology and psychology personal statement

1. Impressive first line:

Make your first line highly impressive because there is a popular saying “first impression is the best impression”. I hope you might have heard of this quote, don’t you think it is true? of course yes, so just present your content in a impressible and pleasing manner. If you master this art you will surely be successful not only here but at anywhere.

2. No plagiarism:

Copying kills your trust so never go for copied content. There are 1000’s tools out there in the market that announce the best user experience in providing 100% unique content but strictly don’t go for it, because just apply some common sense how can a tool may understand the mindset of a human. I hope you can sense the logic, always write your original thoughts and innovative ideas. You can get many statements in the web which you can take as a reference and build your best statement which will make you stand way ahead than your competitors making your self something special and skilled than them.

3. Make it concise and clear:

Never try to write a lengthy statement, if you write a lengthy statement, the reader may lose his concentration and interest in reading the overall content of your content, so always make it short and clear. This is a very important tip to remember.

4. Personal examples

Nothing else will appeal more than the live personal examples, So always try to add personal examples in your statement, because it reflects your interest towards the program, and makes the reader to bend towards you.

5. Never mention about any other, except you:

If you have mentioned anything about others except you in your personal statement, it will not create any interest on you, even though your content is too good and exciting so always avoid this.

6. Assure them that you are perfect for this program:

By your personal statement, you should assure the reader that, you are the perfect for that program, if they felt that you are tailor made for that program, your work is half done.


7. Always be creative:

Always be very creative in writing your personal statement. If you write the same content that everyone is writing, the reader won’t find anything new in your content, so automatically he lose his attention to your writing, which may eventually lead to your rejection. So always try to write something unique in a creative manner.

8. Try to avoid usage of slang and acronyms:

Never try to use too complex words in your writings, always make it simple & easy to understand. If you add too many complex words, it may not be understandable to each and every one.

9. Clearly write the information what they want to know from you:

Give a clear information about the things what they want to know from you, then only it is easy for them to know completely about you.

10. Proofread

If any small mistake crawl in your personal statement, that will spoil the taste of overall content. Do multiple proof checks before submitting your writing. Until or unless you feel that your statement is flawless, always try to make corrections. Submit the best statement from your side.

If you seriously follow the above mentioned Top 10 Tips for Criminology and Psychology Personal Statement while writing your personal statement, no one can stop your success.



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