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10 awesome sites where you can read books online for 100% free

Reading books is a very good habit, because it helps a lot in developing a solid knowledge base as well as great relaxation and peace to our mind. We strongly recommend you to adopt reading books as a primary habit, so that you can become an expert in any particular subject or topic of your choice where you have studied in depth. One good advantage of reading books is that, it gives you a very good exposure to the world and there by you can learn many new many things which you most probably may not know till now.


Different people read different types of books. Some people may like humor, while some may be interested in horror or fiction books every one have their diversified interests hence based on their interest, different people will select different books, but in order to fulfil your wish of reading those books you eventually need money to make purchase and trust me if you keep on spending money finally you will end up devoting a major fraction of your income on these books. As we are in the tech generation we should make use of technology to a very larger extent.

Now a days most people are depending on PDF files & ebooks which are freely available on Internet. In this detailed article, we have provided list of Top 10 sites where you can read books online for 100% free of cost, I hope you will surely love this.

10 awesome sites where you can read books online for 100% free:

  1. Project Gutenberg: This site is a best free online library for book readers, where you can find lots of PDF books to read. It is rich with different types of books, many of those belong to education as well as novels and science & technology related books.
  2. Internet Archive: this website is known for its best collection of different books, this website is founded in 1996, from 1996 website is serving us in many ways, many people benefited by this website, this website and contains 600,000 of books, by seeing the number of books one can know the best collection of books in this website.
  3. Open Library: this is another free website that provides a huge volume of books to read for free, people who are interested in reading different types of books can make use of this site because here all the sources are listed at one place giving easy and free access to the book readers.
  4. Google Books: Google Books website provides all types of books, a majority of these are accessible for free, almost we can find each and every book on this Google books platform, you can also use 3rd party tools like internet download manager software to download ebook from Google books portal for free of cost.
  5. Scribd: Scribd is a hub of many autobiographies and interesting books that includes story and fiction books of various prominent authors. You can get a free access to their books in scribd. All you need to do is just register an account and get free trial.
  6. Smashwords: this website is known for its best collection of poetry and fiction story books, so people who mostly Love poetry and fiction will surely love this website.
  7. Blurd: Blurb is well known for trade books, business magazines and photo books, You need to be a member of Blurb in order to access the information available inside. if you don’t have an account, create one today, it’s free.
  8. Wattpad: Once you create an account on this free book site, you can save a lot of books which you may need, there are a lot of books present here along with journals.
  9. Bookish: In this website, many books related to mystery are available, people who love thrillers can look at this website, appreciable thing is registration process is also easy, so any one can easily get access to their website, you signup today and gain more knowledge.
  10. 24Symbols A site where you can have access to huge collection of almost 500,000 e-books in one go, one good part about this website is they have listed a huge collection of, different kinds of books which made them monopoly, so any kind of reader can visit this website regularly.


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